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Tools, Auto & Industrial

All the time there are technological innovations which alter the manufacturing process of cars, automobiles, and their accessories in a substantial way. New fuel efficient engines are developed. Efforts are made to reduce to the minimum the atmospheric pollution caused by the exhaust gases. Lighter materials like carbon fiber and ABS plastic are used in accessories which have their own advantages. Amongst all these innovations there is car mirror a very simple device that is in use since long. It does not need sophisticated engineering, still it contributes to safety of the vehicle in a major way.

And innovation has touched car mirrors as well. Now they are easier to adjust, they can reduce glare of car lights and also are shaped to give you the best possible view. They are also made to look stylish and add to the visual appeal of the car such as other products like body kits do.

You can see what is in front of you, but if you want to see what is behind you, you have to take the help of mirrors. More so, if you are moving in a vehicle and need to be aware what is going on and moving all around you. The mirrors give you all this information. They are placed at different locations in the vehicle, and point at different angles to give the relevant information. They indicate what is coming towards you and at what speed. It informs you if a vehicle intends to overtake you. It prepares you to take whatever action is required under those circumstances. The information that you need is varied. If you are moving back in reverse gear you need to be warned of the hazards in the way. You need information of an altogether different area. If a vehicle is being towed some additional information is required. There are mirrors for all these purposes. Their location is chosen according to their function.

Product Specifications

Product Information
Brand: Warn
Sizing and Specifications
Item Weight: 18 Pounds


Product Description

Warn Industries PullzAll 24V DC Cordless Electric Pulling Tool is engineered to put amazing control at your fingertips and features a variable speed trigger that lets you pull 1,000 pounds with smooth and precise movements. It lets you go into forward or reverse with the flick of a button taking the labor out of laborious jobs. The PullzAll electric pulling tool is a powerful, lightweight, easy-to-use handheld electric tool that is equipped with a strong motor and variable speed control that allows you to move heavy items into place with minimum effort. It will help get the job done easier, faster, and with less manual labor. It is ideal for construction, pipe fitting, iron work, equipment and plant maintenance, farm and ranch use, auto shops, garages, machine shops, home improvement, hunting, camping and more.


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